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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

Want to ask us a question about your garage door or any of its components? Then take a look at the FAQs below to see if we've already answered it. If we haven't, then by all means, go ahead a give us a call.

How long should my springs last?

An average garage door opens and closes at least twice a day, if not more, and each time it moves it relies on its springs to support the weight of its panels. This means that your garage door springs are under a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The average lifespan of a garage door spring is about five to seven years, depending on its type and how often the door is used. It’s important to have a technician inspect the condition of these important components, especially once they reach a certain age. Spring replacement is a dangerous task, so you should have our experts take care of it for you.

Why does my garage door refuses to close and keeps reversing?

This happens because there is a safety feature built into garage openers manufactured after 1993. Your opener uses a pair of photo-electric "eyes" to spot an obstacle in the door's path and it will prevents it from closing if the sensors detect something. However, sometimes these components can get out of position, and they'll need to be carefully realigned by a trained expert in order for your door to be able to fully close again. Our team can take care of this problem for you.

What is a wind load garage door and do I need one?

A wind load garage door is basically one that has been reinforced structurally to withstand strong winds and meet the specific building code requirements in your area. We always recommend a wind load door if you live in an area prone to strong winds such as hurricanes and windstorms.

What materials are garage doors made of?

Garage doors are usually made from wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Each of these materials comes with it's own benefits and suits different climates in different ways. If you're after a natural looking product that can withstand the test of time, then wood may be a good choice for you, however for lesser maintenance, steel is the most popular option, especially now this material can be aesthetically molded to reflect whichever look you want for your home.


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